Skill Development Workshops

14 May,2024

Educational Visit Expands Horizons for Mass Media Students

In an effort to provide hands-on experience and insights into the dynamic world of journalism, the Mass Media Department of BCM School, Chandigarh Road, organized an enriching educational visit for 57 students to Dainik Jagran, Printing Press, the regional office in Jalandhar.

The excursion aimed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, offering students a comprehensive understanding of field and desk reporting, machine workings, and the intricate workings of print journalism.
During the visit, students had the invaluable opportunity to interact with seasoned professionals and glean insights from their vast experience. Mr. Varinder Singh Walia, the esteemed editor at Dainik Jagran, graced the occasion and extended his best wishes to the aspiring journalists for their future endeavors.
The visit provided a firsthand experience of the day-to-day operations within a newspaper establishment, offering students a glimpse into the rigorous process of news gathering, editing, and dissemination. From observing the printing presses in action to witnessing the editorial decisions firsthand, the excursion offered a holistic understanding of the multifaceted nature of journalism.
BCM School remains committed to providing its students with real-world exposure and practical learning opportunities, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the ever-evolving field of media and journalism.

29 Apr,2024

Adobe Training Sessions for our dedicated Educators.

Led by experts delegated from Adobe's head office, our teachers received top-notch training to enhance their skills.
It was a fantastic opportunity to recognize their hard work and empower them with the latest tools and techniques.

08 Apr,2024

A fantastic Career Counseling Session for grade XII and XII students by Dr Vipin Pubby, Director of Shoolini University,

BCM School Chandigarh Road organized a fantastic Career Counseling Session for grade XII and XII students by Dr Vipin Pubby, Director of Shoolini University, enlightened about the vast opportunities in Mass Media careers. Dr. Jatinder Verma, Dean Academics, guided students through futuristic career options, paving the path to success. Dr. Vihaang Ghalsasi, Assistant Professor, delved into the exciting world of research careers, inspiring minds to explore and innovate.

It was an incredibly informative session, offering valuable insights and guidance for your future endeavours. 

22 Mar,2024

BCM School Chandigarh Road Inaugural Week: Renowned Speakers Inspired Students.

BCM School Chandigarh Road celebrated its inaugural week with a series of insightful sessions aimed at students in grades X to XII. The school invited esteemed speakers from diverse fields to share their knowledge and experiences, enriching the educational experience for the students. Among the notable speakers were: Dr. Naresh Sachdeva, Director PCTE, Mr. Vikram Patel, Director Plaksha University,Mr. Ankur Vohra, Founder The Outreach Collective,Head of Institutional Partnerships Masters’ Union, Dr. Sheerin Shah, Professor at DMC Hospital ,Dr. Shifali Singh,Dr. Amit Mogra,Assistant Professor Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies(NMIMS).The sessions were designed to provide students with exposure to various professional domains and real-world insights. Principal Mr. D.P. Guleria, in his encouraging address, emphasized the importance of such sessions in shaping the students' perspectives and fostering their intellectual growth. The students actively participated in the sessions, engaging with the speakers and gaining valuable insights into different fields of study and career paths. The event was not only educational but also inspirational, motivating students to explore diverse opportunities and broaden their horizons. The inaugural week at BCM School Chandigarh Road concluded on a high note, leaving students inspired and empowered to pursue their academic and professional aspirations with renewed vigour.


14 Mar,2024

Motivational session led by Dr. Naresh Sachdev, Director of PCTE.

In a bid to inspire and empower its senior students, BCM School recently hosted an electrifying motivational session led by Dr. Naresh Sachdev, Director of PCTE. The session,themed "Igniting the Drive to Start and Achieve Success in Business," was specifically tailored for Grade 12 students, aiming to instill in them the passion, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit needed to thrive in the competitive business world.

The session concluded on a high note, leaving the students feeling motivated, inspired, and empowered to embark on their entrepreneurial endeavors with newfound zeal and confidence.

27 Jan,2024

Navigating Futures at BCM School: Grade 10 Stream Selection Orientation Session!

The halls echoed with enthusiasm and dreams as BCM School recently organized a dynamic Stream Selection Orientation Session for our bright Grade 10 minds! 


23 Jan,2024

Transformative workshop on "Mind Detox," by Ms.Jyotsna & Team.

BCM School, 32 sector recently hosted the transformative workshop "Mind Detox," organized by Ms.Jyotsna & Team for class IX students . The primary goal was to enlighten students about the paramount importance of mental well-being and cultivate a positive mindset. The workshop featured diverse engaging activities, with a focus on techniques like smile and laughter & meditation.
The session began with a dedicated emphasis on mindfulness and self-awareness, expertly led by the resource person instructions , guiding students to be fully present in the moment. A notable highlight was the introduction to smile meditation, emphasizing its profound impact on reducing stress and enhancing overall well-being. This resonated well with students, providing them with a tangible tool for mental health.In addition, students gained insight into the roles of "Positive Regulators" and "Stress Regulators" in the brain, replacing traditional labels of good and bad hormones.Mr. D.P.Guleria commended the "Mind Detox" workshop, emphasizing its role in nurturing a positive environment for mental well-being at BCM School. He encouraged students to integrate the tools and knowledge gained, fostering a healthy and balanced mental state amidst the demands of academic and personal life.

16 Jan,2024

Unlock Your Potential! Career Counselling Session at BCM School.

We were honored to have Dr. Pawan Diwedi, the Registrar of Parul University, as our esteemed resource person for an insightful Career Counselling Session!
Dr. Diwedi shared invaluable insights on choosing the right career path, unleashing potential, and carving out a successful future. From course recommendations to industry trends, this session covered it all.
We're committed to providing the support you need for a successful academic and professional journey.

26 Dec,2023

Industrial Visit to Juelle Pvt Ltd

The Fashion Studies department at BCM School orchestrated a dynamic one-day Industrial Visit to Juelle Pvt Ltd on Dec 26, 2023, exclusively for our talented Class XII Fashion Studies students.

Students got a firsthand look at the intricate processes within the industry during this immersive 3-hour experience. 

From practical work demonstrations to exploring the machinery behind garment manufacturing, it was an enlightening journey into the heart of fashion! 

28 Nov,2023

BCM School Inspires Students with a Session on Careers in Hospitality and Culinary Arts

BCM School recently organized an enlightening session on careers in Hospitality and Culinary Arts, conducted by Ms. Shalini Gumber, Regional Director of the Indian School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts. The event aimed to provide students with insights into the exciting and dynamic world of hospitality and culinary arts, opening doors to promising career paths.Ms. Shalini Gumber, a seasoned professional in the hospitality industry, shared her vast knowledge and experience with the students, shedding light on the various opportunities and challenges in the field. Her engaging presentation covered topics such as trends in the industry, the importance of skill development, and the diverse career paths available in hospitality and culinary arts.The session was well-received by both students and faculty, with participants expressing their enthusiasm for exploring careers in this vibrant industry.Principal Mr. DP Guleria expressed his appreciation for the informative and impactful session for students.This session has undoubtedly ignited the curiosity and aspirations of our students.The school is committed to providing holistic education that extends beyond traditional academic subjects,and this session is a testament to that commitment. By exposing students to various career options, BCM School aims to empower them to make informed decisions about their future.

17 Nov,2023

'Navigating Your Future: Making Informed Stream Selection' for Grade 10th students.

BCM School hosted a dynamic session on 'Navigating Your Future: Making Informed Stream Selection' for Grade 10th students. 

This session was not just about choosing a stream; it was a guide to unlocking potential and creating a roadmap for success of students.

Ms. Nidhi Vij delved into the nuances of various streams, helping students align their interests with future career opportunities.

A big thank you to Ms. Nidhi Vij, General Manager at SIEC, for illuminating the path to informed choices. 

08 Nov,2023

Embrace the Future of Design Careers!

Prof. Bulbul Chaudhary, the esteemed Director & Pro Vice Chancellor at Atlas University, Mumbai, illuminated the path to success in the design industry during an enriching session at BCM School.  Inspiring students with insights and wisdom, Prof. Chaudhary delved into the endless possibilities in the world of design, offering a roadmap to diverse career opportunities. From graphic design to architecture, discover the multitude of avenues waiting for passionate minds.The session was a gateway to understanding the evolving landscape of design, guiding attendees towards a future filled with creativity, innovation, and boundless prospects.
Thank you to all participants for making this event a roaring success! Stay tuned for more enriching sessions and opportunities to explore your creative potential.

07 Nov,2023

Igniting Minds: Exploring Careers in Liberal Education "Unveiling New Horizons in Education at BCM School"

An enlightening session on "Careers in Liberal Education" took place at BCM School, leaving students with a newfound passion for diverse career paths.The event featured Mr. Parth Singh Chauhan, Deputy Manager at Ashoka University, who shared valuable insights and inspired young minds to think beyond conventional career choices.The session commenced with Mr. Chauhan's engaging discourse on the significance of liberal education.The "Careers in Liberal Education" session was a transformative experience for all those who attended. It opened doors to a world of opportunities and encouraged students to dream big. We thank Mr. Parth Singh Chauhan for his enlightening talk and hope it paves the way for students to pursue their passions and make a meaningful impact on the world.Stay tuned for more enlightening sessions at BCM School, where we continue to inspire and nurture young minds!

06 Oct,2023

'Edu-Odyssey: Chandrayaan-3 and Beyond'

BCM School experienced a workshop on 'Edu-Odyssey: Chandrayaan-3 and Beyond' held on 6October 2023 at Kundan Vidya Mandir, Civil Lines, Ludhiana.Two students named Aryan Shrivastav and Vinayak Handa, led by Ms. Joya Miglani,TGT Science, attended the workshop. It was organized as a phenomenal event related to Chandrayaan-3 in collaboration with SPACE INDIA. The event aimed to foster scientific curiosity, build capacity, and provide easier access to astronomy and space science education for school students, in compliance with the National Education Policy (NEP).
Dr. Mamta Chauhan, a scientist from the Geosciences Department at ISRO, served as the spokesperson. She enlightened the students about various space exploration programs and elaborated on India's ambitious endeavor, Chandrayaan-3, which seeks to uncover lunar mysteries and expand the boundaries of human knowledge. This celestial mission is supported by cutting-edge technology and the unwavering spirit of scientific exploration.
The children also had the wonderful opportunity to witness a rocket launch and engage in other astronomical experiences.
This workshop was indeed enlightening, informative and interactive, allowing students to satisfy their curiosity.

11 Sep,2023

Mr Lavish Aggarwal BCM Alumni conducted a session for the students of XIIArts & Commerce

Mr Lavish Aggarwal BCM Alumni conducted a session for the students of XIIArts & Commerce on the topic ‘Work while graduating’.He explained the importance of joining work at an early stage. He gave the knowledge about different jobs which students can pursue while studying. Mr Lavish gave tips to students about time management while working along with their studies..It was a knowledgeable interactive session. At the end of the session students asked various questions to clear their doubts.

08 Sep,2023

CA Nikhil Sachdeva BCM Alumni conducted career counselling session for the students of XI & XII Commerce.

On 8th September 2023 CA Nikhil Sachdeva BCM Alumni conducted career counselling session for the students of XI & XII Commerce. He explained the students about the admission procedure and evaluation criteria of the CA course. It was a knowledgeable interactive session. At the end of the session students asked various questions to clear their doubts. CA Nikhil Sachdeva presented a token of gratitude to Principal DP Guleria. Principal DP Guleria shared his thoughts to invite other alumni to organise such knowledgeable and interactive sessions in future.

22 Jul,2023

Interactive Session for class XII

08 Jun,2023

Capacity Building Programme on Experiential Learning

BCM School hosted 2 Day Capacity Building Programme on Experiential Learning Aimed at making education a joyful, interactive and fruitful experience for the students and to provide them with opportunities to reflect, analyse and reconstruct concepts, a two-day workshop on 'Experiential Learning' was conducted at BCM School, Chandigarh Road, Ludhiana. Resource persons Ms. Monica Chawla, Principal, St. Joseph’s Senior Seconadary School, Chandigarh & Ms. Rajni Chatwal, Cultural Coordinator of D.A.V. Model School conducted the  interactive session. The event had around 70 facilitators from different branches of BCM Schools who were explicitly enlightened about the various tools and techniques of experiential learning from concrete experience to reflective observation and from abstract conceptualization to active experience. The SMART strategies and multi-intelligence were also discussed and innovative ways to imply them in classroom were explored. The session was highly interactive and fun filled as it included varied activities which reiterated the essence of the workshop i.e. learning by doing and then reflecting on the same. The event ended with the vote of thanks to the eminent facilitators who graced the occasion to impart wonderful learning to the teachers. The School Principal D.P.Guleria also thanked the resource persons for organizing such an interactive session for the teachers which would help them to hone their teaching skills. He also presented a sapling as a token of gratitude.

28 Apr,2023

Week Long Sessions

BCM School, Chd Road, Ludhiana is dedicated to providing a holistic education to its students through workshops and events that go beyond academics. In sync with it, Ms.Gurinder Virdi, a diploma holder in Career Counselling from IC3, Flames University had organized a career counselling workshop for Class X students, covering various topics such as job skills, academic requirements, and tips on college applications and job interviews. 

Another workshop focused on anti-bullying conducted by the school counsellor, Ms. Sukhpreet Kaur sensitized Class IX students about the harmful effects of bullying on mental health and personal growth. 
In line with the NEP-2020, the school also hosted a two-day interactive session on Entrepreneurship and happiness for budding entrepreneurs from grades VIII to X. Shri Shibananda Dash, the resource person from Munjal Birmingham City University Centre of Innovation, enlightened the young minds and provide valuable insights on how to pursue entrepreneurship as a career and how it can lead to happiness while also examining the challenges and stresses that can come with starting and running a business.
 Resource persons from various institutions provided valuable insights and motivated the students to explore their passions. The school principal, Mr D. P. Guleria expressed gratitude to the resource persons and promised to support the students’ journeys in the future. These workshops and sessions provided an excellent opportunity for the students to develop practical skills and learn from experts in their fields.

17 Apr,2023

Emerging Tourism and hospitality Industries.

To create awareness among students about emerging tourism and hospitality industries, the school organised a workshop by Indian School of Hospitality and Tourism, Gurgaon in which Ms Ambika, who has diverse experience of 18 years in Education sector and Hospitality & Tourism industries, told the students about scope of Hospitality and Tourism in all sectors with changing trends and further highlighted its growing scope of the for said fields. She also made students various career options and diploma and degree courses for the same.The session was knowledgeable and ended with the queries of students.

15 Feb,2023


The workshop organized by CodingJr focused on the current necessity for developing the logical and analytical thinking among the students. A video introduction of around 10 minutes was given which included the role played by technology in today’s scenario. The representative of CodingJr gave some more real-life examples where we can see the existence of Coding and Artificial Intelligence. A brief introduction was given highlighting the need to develop analytical and logical mind-set of the students starting from the primary classes. An overview of the services provided by CodingJr in both online and offline mode was provided to the school faculty. The topics to be covered by CodingJr in their curriculum focuses on overall development of the student by teaching them 10 fields of Coding and AI ranging from low to the advanced level starting from Class 1 to 10 based on NEP. The facility of Virtual computer lab was the highlight of the workshop. Introduction of various in-built teaching resources, Student Performance tracking system was also given which can be easily used by the students, teachers as well as the parents. In conclusion, the workshop highlighted the need to develop the analytical mind-set of the students by making use of Coding Jr.

01 Jun,2022

Educating the Educators

With an aim to augment teaching skills, life skills and learn new teaching techniques, BCM School Chandigarh Road organized a plethora of Workshops, Seminars and Yoga Fitness Sessions for the teachers from June 1st to June 8th, 2022. For the enlightenment of the body and spirit, teachers commenced each day with Hawan and a Yoga session.  In a chain of various interactive and engaging workshops and seminars, Mr. Gaurav and Ms. Himani from Education Initiative conducted a seminar on “How to develop Question Papers”. The objective of the seminar was to enhance the skill of preparing effective question papers including all its essential elements. A team from PCTE, Ludhiana which included Mr. Satyajit Singh Thind, Professor of International Management Studies, Mr. Rajveer Singh, Assistant Professor of Business Management, Ms. Manpreet Mann, an Associate Professor of Business Management and Mr. Naresh Sachdev, Professor cum Dean, Corporate Relations conducted highly informative and interactive sessions on Conflict Management, Interpersonal Skills, Communication Skills and Entrepreneurship in School. A team from HDFC bank headed by Mr. Sanjay Sharma, Head Punjab, Corporate Salary, acquainted the teachers with different ways of Smart Money Management. Apart from these sessions, robust interactive sessions on “Life Skills” were conducted by the Principal Mr. D. P. Guleria himself in which he discussed with teachers the methodologies to transact life skills among students. He stated that teachers should embody the culture and the purpose of the school first and then make a positive transformation in the classrooms with their energy and ideas. He said that it is the need of the hour that our children should be equipped with 21st Century skills to be successful in life and as educators we have a great responsibility on our shoulders. The objective of all these sessions was to imbibe the habit of constant learning in teachers and to help them refresh their knowledge and broaden their outlook to ensure a better delivery of learning outcomes

08 Jan,2020


With an aim to augment subject knowledge, teaching skills and learn new teaching techniques, BCM School Chandigarh Road organized CBSE Capacity Building Programs for the teachers of various subjects.

·        Mrs. Paramjeet Kaur Dhillon, CBSE Resource person - on ‘Happy Classrooms’ in Mahatma Satyanand Munjal Activity Hall.

·        Smt. Kulwant Rehal, CBSE Resource person - on ‘Life Skills – An important aspect to lead a contented life’ in O.P.Munjal Conference Hall

·        Counsellors  and Psychologists Dr. Renu Gupta, Ms. Jasgeet Kaur and Ms. Shreya Sarkar conducted workshop on ‘Classroom Management, Behavioural & Time Management’ in Mata Thakur Devi Auditorium.

These workshops began with holy lamp lighting and chanting of Gaytri Mantra and were part of CBSE initiative of making in-service teacher training mandatory for all its affiliated schools with the overall goal of empowering teachers to improve student learning and achievement.

Throughout the day teachers remained indulged in self-exploration and self-analysis through a plethora of group activities like, role plays, storytelling sessions, poem recitation, poster/tattoo making, origami, music and dance. They learnt about self- management, self-motivation, relationship management, emotional self-regulation and social awareness to have a stress free and happy outlook towards life.The resource persons emphasized that only a happy teacher can ensure a happy & anger free classroom. Teachers need to adapt to latest technologies and innovative pedagogies of teaching to cater to the needs of present day techno savvy students and spur their interest in learning. Teachers worked out on reasons & consequences of unhappy teachers and students, explored new pathways to happiness and created formulas for happiness. 

Ms.Meenakshi Primary teacher expressed her gratitude towards school management for providing this opportunity where teachers could learn innovative pedagogies for best classroom management.

Ms. Rama Kakkar TGT English stated that it is vital for teachers to imbibe life skills in themselves so that they can handle different class room situations with insightful wisdom. She said that the highly energetic modern generation of digital native students needs to be taught with tools like debates, declamations, GDs, mimes for effective learning.

Ms. Manju Bhatti Coordinator of Secondary Section said, “There can’t be a better way to begin the New Year than these highly motivational workshops for teachers. She opined that the knowledge thus gained will definitely help the teachers in developing their own professional growth and enable them to ensure joyful and innovative transaction of curriculum in the classrooms”.

14 Dec,2019


14 Dec., Dr. Jaskiran Arora Assistant Dean for Academic Operations for School of Management at BML Munjal University and also a Professor in the area of Accounting and Finance conducted a seminar in Mata Thakur Devi Auditorium of BCM School Chandigarh Road for the parents of Class XI & XII students. The scholarly resource person enlightened the parents with her 17 years of experience in academic institutions and corporate houses. 250 parents who attended the seminar were briefed about technology based education that is going to be the need of hour in years to come. It was also highlighted that parents should ensure their children are receiving skill enhancement training in schools and colleges they have opted for, so that the students face little or no problems while settling in career of their choice later.  The parents were informed about multi-dimensional courses available currently in various universities and particularly in BML Munjal University. Thereafter the resource person answered queries of the parents who expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the Principal DP Guleria for organizing this seminar for them. The interaction concluded on a happy note over an aromatic cup of tea.

06 Jun,2019


Workshop on Mathematics and Science was conducted in Mahatma Satyanand ji Munjal Activity Hall .The workshop commenced up with the mathematics park delivered by Mr. Kirandeep Singh Tiwana. He is working as mathematics teacher in a govt. school, Ludhiana. He discussed various problems a child is facing while studying mathematics.

After that, Mr. Jaswinder Singh , ‘Jaswins’ continued with workshop. He is working as a professor in physics in Patiala. It was his 1040th workshop . He shared basics of science through his experiments. The knowledge he was having regarding the content was remarkable and the way he shared it was appreciable.  

05 Jun,2019

An Orientation programme by Colonel Amarjeet Singh

An orientation programme was conducted in Mahatma Satyanand ji Munjal Activity Hall. Colonel Amarjeet Singh, an eminent personality in the pedagogical field was the resource person. He stressed upon that one must harness his/her abilities and knowledge to elevate the quality education. Experiential learning is always permanent. He sensitized the teachers to work on “Why”. He quoted various examples to explain this. He stated various methods to make the learning permanent. Teachers shared their experiences. The whole session was lively and energetic. Resource person narrated his own  wonderful experiences. He suggested the ways to enhance the attendance in the classrooms. He shared his success story with a happy note, session was concluded.

04 Jun,2019


Workshop on ‘Science Learning By Doing’ was conducted in Mahatma Satyanand ji  Munjal  Activity Hall . Teachers from Primary and Middle section attended a workshop.  The resource person Madam Kusum Lata, Headmistress of Govt. High School, Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana laid stress on developing of Scientific Attitude among students and teachers both. She emphasized on use of Low/ No cost teaching aids for the concept clarity and everlasting understanding. Making fun with Science automatically catches students’ interest in the subject. She successfully demonstrated the use of many teaching aids which generalized the basic concepts such as Bernoulli’s Principle, Archimedes’ Principle, Lateral inversion in mirror, Persistence of vision, Air exerts pressure, Reflective index, Understanding of Magnetic fields, etc. She motivated the teachers to create a spark in their subject through use of effective teaching aids because every subject demands to be taught in an inspiring mode.

03 Jun,2019


Teachers attended a workshop  conducted by Mr. Vivek Vansal and Mrs.Chandani Gaba, Art of Living faculties on the topic ‘ Stress Free Teaching’. The resource person Mr. Vivek Vansal enlightened the teachers about various techniques to increase our capacity and energy. He stated that it is difficult to reduce our workload but easy to increase our capacity through different means. The other resource person Mrs. Chandni Gaba who is a BCM alumnus spared her experience that how can a person manage more than one field with the help of balanced state of mind. Both the resource persons  urged the teachers to have calm and peaceful state of mind to increase our energy and capacity through meditation. It was an interactive and informative session.

01 Jun,2019

Yoga Session ||1st June to 8th June ||

Yoga session was conducted for the teachers of Primary and Middle Block in school auditorium. The resource person was Mr. Roshan Lal Arya from Ved Prachar Mandal. The resource person enlightened the teachers about the importance of yoga. Under the supervision of resource person teachers did Sukshma Vayaams, Pranayam and Meditation. The resource person also explained how yoga can help us in increasing our physical and mental ability at our work place

01 Jun,2019

Workshop on Abacus and Vedic Mathematics

Mrs. Sarita Sharma, trainer from Ignited Brains conducted a workshop on Abacus & Vedic Mathematics. She made the teachers aware about wonders of Abacus and Vedic Mathematics and how it can be useful for the students  to do the calculations faster. She also urged the teachers to see that the students should use the techniques learnt in these classes in their daily Maths.

22 May,2019


With a vision to guide the students about different career options the school organized an interactive session for the students of XI and XII Science Stream in which the Principal of the school Mr. D P Guleria briefed the students about different courses, diplomas, bachelor degrees and professional degrees after class XII. He further guided the students about the entrance examinations, their patterns and how to prepare for them. He advised the students not to be in the rat race of going to coaching institutes and believe in their own abilities.

18 May,2019


Orientation programs are fantastic opportunities for parents to know what to expect in the coming year and also equip themselves for it. BCM School always take initiative in instilling required changes for the holistic development of the students An orientation programme was conducted for the parents of Class VI in BCM School Sector 32 A. The parents were made familiar with the curriculum, rules and regulations, co- scholastic activities. Dr. Vikas Bansal MD FNB, Senior Consultant at Department of Pediatrics and Pediatrics Intensive Care in SPS Hospitals, was the guest of honour. He guided the parents about the do’s and don’ts of common ailments among children. He also demonstrated the cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Section Coordinator of Middle Wing Ms. Poonam Arora highlighted the rules and regulations. School counsellor Ms. Shreya Sarkar gave tips to parents on good parenting.  In an interactive session Principal Mr. D.P.Guleria addressed the parents and resolved their queries. He highlighted that children must be trained enough to handle the adversities of life.


03 May,2019


An orientation programme was conducted at BCM SCHOOL, Chandigarh Road for the parents of Grade I.The parents were made familiar with the curriculum, rules and regulations, co- scholastic activities and examination pattern of the school. Detailed information about the learning parameters and learning methodologies was provided to the parents. Executive member of BCM Alumni Association, Dr. Abhinandan, was also present on the occasion. He urged the parents not to give stress to the students for academics in the changed atmosphere. He shared his experiences and association with the school. School counsellor gave tips to parents on good parenting. In an interactive session Principal D.P.Guleria addressed the parents and resolved their queries. He highlighted the importance of moral values and made the parents aware that same practice is also going on in the school. He insisted that these kinds of orientation programmes should be conducted to update the parents about the system of the school. Parents and school go hand in hand for the overall development of the students.

31 Dec,2018


Capacity building Programme for the Science teachers of class ix and x on 30th and 31st Dec, 2018 was conducted in school. The resource persons for the event were Mr.Devendra Mahal, Principal Doon Valley Public School, Nalagarh and Ms. Monika Jain, HOD of Science and Physics in Jain Sr. Sec. School, Ambala. The main objective of the workshop was to discuss the practical challenges and problems being faced by Science teachers in the teaching learning process.

Seventy five teachers from different schools including the teachers from the host school attended the workshop with an aim to have a better understanding of the subject. The workshop commenced at 9:30 am with the oral and floral welcome of the resource persons followed by the conventional lamp lighting and chanting of Gayatri Mantra.

Participants expressed their views through various individual and group activities. The important points discussed were Bloom’s taxonomy, concept maps, mind maps, importance of laboratory work and lesson plans. Resource persons acquainted the teachers regarding design of question papers as per the latest guidelines of CBSE.

            All the participants filled online feedback on CBSE site. The participating teachers were felicitated with the certificates of participation. Mr.D.P.Guleria, the Principal of the school thanked the resource person with a souvenir and shared his belief that this initiative of CBSE would definitely enhance teaching competencies of the teachers. 

18 Sep,2018


The KG Wing of BCM School Chd Road organized a seminar on ‘Healthy Parenting’ for the parents having their kids in UKG Class. The school counselors Dr. Renu and Mrs Shreya acted as the resource persons and made the parents aware of the challenges for the parents of new generation. They suggested the parents to discover the uniqueness of their child and help him to flourish in the best possible way. The resource persons also made the audience aware of the ways to keep their children away from cyber addiction and make them aware of good and bad touch. The school Principal Mr DP Guleria opined that keeping the fast changes that are in the present generation in mind such type of seminars have become the need of the hour.

06 Sep,2018


The students from class XI Commerce and Humanities took the best of the opportunity while attending an interactive session with the School Principal, Mr. D.P.Guleria.

The session comprises with the following:

1. Welocome Speech

2. Promotion Policy

3. Yes, I Can

4. Individual Differences

5. Various Career Option after Class : XII

09 Jun,2018


In a workshop on ‘Capacity Building for Teachers’, school Principal, Mr. D.P.Guleria explained that When provided support, resources, and a framing vision, teachers embody the culture and the purpose of a school and make a positive transformation in the classrooms with their energy and ideas.

08 Jun,2018


To keep teachers updated about 12 graded examinations in spoken English, a workshop on GESE (Graded Examinations in Spoken English) by Trinity College, London was conducted on ActivityHall. The Resource person Ms. Anupama Singh threw light on the four development stages of this exam. She also made aware teachers about the reliability and validity scheme of assessment conducted by Trinity graded examination in spoken english. she also made aware about the major benefit of a graded exam. She showed many sample video related to it.

06 Jun,2018


To Keep abreast the teachers Grade 1 to 12 with the latest trends and activities for students to enhance their Listening, speaking, Readingh and writing skills a workshop on Cambridge Assessments was organised in the school auditorium.

Mr. Prakash Mishra from Planet Edu Gurgaon discussed the bonanza of activities that can be organised for the students to make English Learning easy and fun for them. He made the teachers familiar with the different levels of Cambridge Exams.

05 Jun,2018


Teachers of Primary and Middle wing assembled in Activity hall for a workshop on Designing Educational Games and teaching learning strategy. The resource person was Ms. Nitika Sudha in collaboration with Rohan Publications. The resource person demonstrated how teaching of languages, Maths, Science and Social Science can be made interesting with the use of various props, teaching aids and educational games. It was an activity based session in which teachers participated actively.

04 Jun,2018


Teachers of Primary and middle wing attended a workshop on CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT. The resource person was Ms. Urnima Ghildiyal from Eupheus Learning, New Delhi. The session started with an ice breaking activity. After that various interactive activities and role plays were there to highlight various situations which teachers face in their day to day classrooms. Those situations were discussed and remedial measures for the same were also explained. It was an interactive session the resource kept everyone engaged and attentive. 

02 Jun,2018


A Yoga session was conducted for the teachers of Primary and Middle wing in auditorium. The resource person was Mr. Roshan Lal Arya from Ved Prachar Mandal. The session was for around one hour. The resource person enlightened the teachers about the importance of Yog. Under the supervision of the resource person teachers did sukshama vayaams, Pranayam and Meditation. The resource person also explained how Yoga can help us in increasing our physical and mental ability at our work place.

01 Jun,2018


For the enlightenment of the body and spirit, teachers commenced each day with Hawan and a Yoga session by Mr. Roshan Lal Arya from Ved Prachar Mandal.

01 Jun,2018


A workshop was organized for the teachers of Primary and Middle wing in Activity hall. The topic of the workshop was ‘How to deal with difficult students and different learners’. Resource person was Ms.Shreya, counselor, Middle wing. She explained the teachers about different kind of learners and problems associated with them.She also discussed about specific learning disabilities. She gave various tips to tackle these kind of learners. Further she explained that how inattentive, hyperactive impulsive and students with special needs can be handled. She emphasized on the impact of teachers on the students. She motivated the teachers to have a positive impact on the students. She insisted the teachers to exchange their judgmental beliefs for more loving and supportive ones. The session ended with a relaxation activity. It was an informative session.

28 May,2018


A lecture by counselor, Ms. Shreya was arranged in the Activity Hall for the class VII. The counselor suggested the students to productively utilize their holidays by getting involved in various creative and unique activities which would help them to have optimum usage of the time that they would be getting in their summer break.

10 May,2018


On May 10 & 11, during a motivational interaction with the students of Class XII (Science, Commerce & Other streams); Mr. D.P.Guleria, Director LSSC & Principal of BCM SCHOOL, Chandigarh Road, inspired and guided the students to brace last hurdles of school life with high spirits.

Mr. Principal accentuated upon the need to recognize individual differences and respect one’s uniqueness while choosing a line of career. He reminded the students to set a clear goal after finishing the last year of their schooling and work for achieving it. He gave them the tips to manage their time &energies wisely and asked to carry in heart the moral and spiritual values learntat school.

Furthermore, Mr. Principal asked the students to believe in sharing & caring, maintain good health through right food habits, keep a positive attitude &ignore negativity. Showering his blessings, he also gave a success mantra to the students that, “with adequate planning, relentless efforts and gratitudeeven impossible things can be made possible.”

19 Apr,2018


An orientation programme was organized for the parents of grade I, II and III. The aim was to familiarize the parents of grade- I with the curriculum, rules and regulations of the school, teaching methodologies and the co-scholastic activities. Parents were given an overview of the various subjects like English, Hindi, Punjabi, EVS and Math and not to forget the co-scholastic activities which not only are a vent to the creative talents and energies of the children but also help in their all-round development. Parents were also briefed about the evaluation pattern. Parents of grade I, II and III were made aware of a nationwide campaign initiated by Govt. of India to eradicate Measles and Rubella from our country. A team of doctors associated with WHO acquainted the parents with these deadly diseases and their preventive vaccines. Parents were shown a detailed PowerPoint Presentation on the same. They were advised and encouraged to take advantage of the Govt. initiative and support MR Campaign. It was an informative interactive and fruitful session. 

17 Apr,2018


In order to facilitate the students of class 6th about school rules, academic schedule, different clubs & co-curricular activities, Middle Wing of BCM School Chandigarh Road, Ludhiana organized an Orientation Programme. The students were welcomed & congratulated for the successful accomplishment of Elementary School. In the programme students were made familiar with each and every aspect of Middle Wing & specific information about School rules, Clubs, volunteering opportunities and special activities. Middle Wing Counselor, Ms. Shreya emphasized the importance of concentration and gave them the tips to enhance self–discipline,self-motivation,positive attitude and will power. She also motivated the students to develop the empathetic attitude among them. At the end of the session queries of the students were satisfied. The School Principal, Mr. D.P.Guleria, wished them good luck in their future endeavors.

31 Mar,2018


BCm Kindergarten  organized  orientation programme  for the parents  of new  entrants of  Nursery class. The  aim behind  organizing this programme was to acquaint the young parents with rules and regulations of the school and give them parenting tips which can be good help in raising their little ones. Mrs . Pragati Kapoor, the headmistress gave the parents  a peep in school activities and  briefed about syllabus  and assessment pattern . Dr. Sobti gave many useful  health tips to parents whereas Dr. Renu Gupta the school counselor spoke on the  topic  Parenting –An Art . The Parents really enjoyed the programme.

18 Jan,2018


With an objective to create awareness among students and parents about  selection of suitable stream after Class X, a seminar ‘Career Counselling & Stream Selection ‘ was organized for the parents and students of Class X on Jan 16 & 18, 2018 in which the resource person Mr. Saurabh Gupta from Wonder School Chandigarh, highlighted the importance of making right choices. He mentioned the common misconceptions prevailing among students and parents about various professions and expressed that awareness of diversified career options is the dire need of the time. He further pondered over the rat race of opting certain streams or subjects without analyzing and realizing the aptitude which ultimately leads many students into disappointments. Mr. Saurabh suggested the parents to help their wards in discovering their potential  and choose suitable career options instead of imposing their own aspiration on them. The doubts and queries of the students and parents were satisfied by the resource person.In this way the session proved to be a fruitful and enlightening session for parents and students, helping them to make right  career decision. The Principal of the school Mr. D. P. Guleria opined that such seminars are necessary for the parents and students for right decision making which leads the students to become useful and self – satisfied citizens of tomorrow.

16 Dec,2017


Ludhiana, 15-16 December- BCM School, Chandigarh Road organized a two day work shop for teachers to learn new teaching and learning mathematical skills. Mrs. Meena Suresh, Director, Ramanunjan Museum & Math Education Center, Chennai interacted with more than 80 teachers from reputed schools of Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Mohali and Moga about know-hows of teaching and learning this most dreaded subject- Mathematics. The resource person demonstrated various concepts of Mathematics related to Arithmetic operations of numbers, integers, angles of polygons, different properties of triangles, trigonometric ratios, area of circle etc. The teachers participated in these activities in an interesting and fun filled environment. An experienced Mathematician himself, Principal Mr. D.P.Guleria said that BCM School keeps on grooming its teachers through such workshops so that they can ensure maximal enfoldment of each child’s potentials. Mrs. Parminder Talwar from GNPS, Sarabha Nagar and Mrs. Roli Kapoor from Tagore Public School stated that the work shop was replete with innovative ideas and lab activities that could definitely enhance our teaching experience in the classes.

06 Nov,2017


750 students of Middle Wing attended a Seminar on ‘Oral Hygiene Maintenance’ organized by Dr. Bharat Suneja,Dr. Pratinder Mokha , Dr. Navdeep & their team from Baba Jaswant Singh Dental College, Hospital & Research Institute. Dr. Navdeep along with her team commenced the Seminar by elaborating that good teeth and gum care is an important part of maintaining overall health. The basic techniques of teeth brushing and flossing were also explained & demonstrated. Dr. Bharat Suneja suggested the students to get regular dental cleaning & checkups to keep gums healthy and cavity free.  He further added that by avoiding sugars, sticky food and implementing daily gentle tooth brushing we can make our teeth more healthy and it does not require excessive time & expensive hygiene instruments. Students learned the proper brushing technique & enhanced their knowledge. The School Principal, Mr. D.P.Guleria, “These kinds of seminars boost the knowledge of the students and help them in maintaining oral health & dental care.”

28 Oct,2017


An Orientation Program on Moral Values & Road Safety Rules was organized for the students of class 7th. The students were made acquainted with the importance of moral values in each human being’s life through PPT.Various videos were also shown to the students regarding Road Safety Rules & they were motivated to follow all Traffic Rules because life is a wonderful gift of God and we all should take care of it.

25 Oct,2017


As per the guidelines of CBSE, the school is observing ‘Prayatan Parv’. To observe the same a Seminar on ‘Benefits of Travelling’ was organized for the classes V-VI. Through this seminar students acquired the knowledge about the rich and vast heritage of India.


09 Aug,2017

BCM School, Sector 32A Organizes Seminar on Cyber Security

With an objective to create awareness among students about the potential threats in the digital world, preventive & security measures to be taken to remain safe from cyber bullying, a seminar was organized by BCM School, Sector 32A for the students of IX & XI in Mata Thakur Devi Auditorium on August 08, 2017 in which resource person Mr. Rakshit Tandon, Cyber Security Expert and Consultant of Internet & Mobile Association of India, actively interacted with the students and highlighted various incidents and data of cybercrime in recent years. He also mentioned that school going students have been an easy targets for cyber criminals. He made the students aware about safety and security measures to be taken while login to any website or social media sites like facebook, whatsapp  etc. He warned the students against addiction to mobiles and suggested them to maintain cyber hygiene. The doubts of the students were clarified at the end of the session. The Principal of the school appreciated the session and opined that such seminars are the need of the hour for the digital natives of today.

02 Aug,2017


02 August, BCM School, Sec 32A, Chandigarh Road is organizing a Computer Training Workshop for the police officials of the city. 70 officials from various departments of the city Police are attending this 15 day workshop and are receiving firsthand knowledge of both basic and advanced computer skills.  

Starting with familiarization with computer, the training has improvised their typing skills and extended further to windows operation and management.

Through this workshop, the Police Department is going to bring in a paradigm shift in its working by facilitating an online Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and System (CCTNS), that is designed to serve public better by making all DDR’s, FIR’s, challan copy along the other daily crime reports available to Senior Officers as well as to public at click of a button.

Mr. R.N.Dhoke, Commissioner of Police was all praise for the school Principal Shri D.P.Guleria and the teachers from IT department of the school.

He said, “BCM School had been quite supportive and volunteered readily for training our officials. The school Principal who is always ahead in taking leads of such initiatives for the betterment of the society is worth applause for providing the school’s computer labs and teachers for the purpose. The city police is thankful to him and look forward for similar and interactive training workshops at the school premises.”

While Mr. Principal considered that getting an opportunity to train the Police Officials is a proud moment for the IT Department of the School. He also added that this workshop is another leap in digitization of India and would surely be of great help for the police personnel in their work.

26 Jul,2017


With a view to create awarenesss among students about different options to study in abroad, the school organised an interactive session for the students of Classes XI  & XII in which Ms. Maria Mathai, Director of MM Advisory Services highlighted the study options in Canada and US. She also explained the selection procedure, fee structure, courses available, different colleges & universities  and their rankings. The queries were satisfied at the end of the session.

08 Jun,2017

Workshop of Value education by Principal Mr. D.P.Guleria

June 8 & June 9, 2017 

A workshop on value education was conducted for the teachers of Primary and Middle Wing on June 8 and 9 respectively. Principal sir stressed on inculcating the values in students to make the society a better place to live in. He advised the teachers that the development is directly related to value system of society which can make a human being a better human being and he further added that as a teacher and parent we must imbibe these values in ourselves first in order to inculcate them in our children.

06 Jun,2017

Counselling skills for Teachers by (Mindfirst)

Dr. Purnima (Clinical Psychologist) from Mindfirst conducted a workshop on counselling skills for teachers, in which she discussed the factors affective the child development. In a child’s journey teachers, family community, school environment play a vital role. Through case studies she explained how different classroom situations can be handled. To manage hyperactivity, to improve behaviour of students and to reduce problematic behaviour, special attention by teachers is required. Queries of teachers were also solved.

05 Jun,2017

“Art of Living” By Mrs. Prachi Mahajan Kwatra

June 5 to June 9, 2017

For the holistic as well as Spiritual development of teachers a unique in itself workshop was organized. The resource person Mrs. Prachi Mahajan Kwatra commenced the session by making aura light and friendly. With the help of live examples and interactive activities she presented the real life situations. The essence of the session was “ Sudarshan Kriya” a wonderful meditation experience. Teachers practiced the kriya and were made aware of the benefits of the same. She concluded the session by suggesting the teachers to make these Kriyas an integral part of their daily routine to clean the negative vibes and create a positive aura around them.

03 Jun,2017

Technology in education and personal life

The resource person Mr. Ram Sharma along with Dr.Anil Gugnani and Mr. Nishant conducted the workshop in which they made the teachers more acquainted with the latest technologies and how one can get more benefit from them. Dr. Anil Gugnani discussed the very sensitive issue i.e Gender sensitivity and how it is affecting our society. And he suggested the teachers to be the flag bearers to eradicate this stigma of discrimination from the society. Mr. Nishant advised the teachers to take a good care of their health and he also conducted some energetic activities with the teachers.

02 Jun,2017

Workshop on New Paradigms and strategies in teaching and learning and Teaching of languages

A workshop on New Paradigms & Strategies in teaching and learning was conducted by Dr. Anil Gugnani (HOD), Dr. Dinesh and Mr. Nishant in School Conference Hall. He stressed on changing the monotonous way of teaching. He also introduced the policies of NCF & CCE. The session was full of new ideas and strategies. In the next part, Dr. Dinesh suggested the teachers to take all subjects collectively to make teaching & learning process more joyful and he also motivated the teachers to co relate  different subjects. Mr. Nishant advised the teachers to take a good care of their health in order to present something valuable to their students. He also stressed on the power of positivity. Another workshop on “Teaching of languages “was conducted by Dr. Vinod Prasoon in collaboration with “Rachna Sagar Pvt. Ltd.”. The resource person laid stress on giving preference to our National language and explained the different concept of Hindi Language in an interactive and playful method.

Overall the workshops were full of new innovative ideas & worth full information.

01 Jun,2017

Interactive Session by Principal Mr. D.P. Guleria on Latest initiatives by CBSE and Art of Teaching

The School Principal, Mr. D.P.Guleria had an interactive session with the teachers of KG, Primary and Middle Wing. He commenced the session by guiding the teachers to change the monotonous way of teaching and making it more interesting and interactive. He explicated the Art of Teaching through different PPT’s which explained the teaching process and learning cycle. In the second part he made the teachers more acquainted with the latest initiatives by CBSE. The teachers were made aware of new assessment criteria of CBSE. He also motivated the teachers for better board results in future. It was an informative session.

31 May,2017

Workshop on Teaching of Science and Mathematics

Two different workshops for teaching of Science and Mathematics were conducted in Conference Hall and Activity Hall (Primary Wing) in collaboration with Cordova Publications and JODO GYAN Shiksha NCERT respectively. Workshop for teaching of Science was conducted by Mr.Dhiren M. Doshi. He stressed on including different activities and games like linear zig saw, chain activity, block activity in teaching and learning to make it more perfect and effective. He explained the 7 R’s necessary for keeping the right bucket (Students’ minds) at right place (learning environment).

31 May,2017

Workshop on Teaching of Science and Mathematics

On the same day another workshop for teaching of Mathematics was conducted by Ms. Pooja. She impressed the teachers by showing that how teaching of mathematics can be made effective and long lasting by different playful activities. With the help of different tools she involved all the teachers in a number of practical activities and explained that teaching of a subject like Mathematics can be made interesting and effective. In both the workshops the activities were meant for the students from Class I to VIII. Different subject teachers showed great enthusiasm and participated actively.

30 May,2017

Workshop on Teacher Motivation and Class Room Management, In collaboration with Britannica

Tag line: - Enthusiasm is contagious, be a carrier.

A workshop on Teacher Motivation and Class room Management was conducted by Mrs. Anita Bahadur.The central idea of the workshop was how to catch students’ interest in the subject. Stress was laid on activity and interaction based teaching. The tools like group discussion,  effective classroom management, control on words, thinking out of the box and constant motivation were highlighted and how they can do wonders if used correctly was shared with the participants. The resource person also emphasized on inclusion of innovative games in the content to maintain the students’ concentration.

29 May,2017


A workshop on Life Skills was conducted by Mrs. Ashima Banga.  Around 150 teachers attended the workshop in School Conference Hall.  The School Principal, Mr. D.P.Guleria welcomed the guest by presenting a bouquet .The resource person commenced the workshop by introducing the behavioral & challenging issues that we daily face as   teachers in our classrooms. Further she explained that how we can plan different activities that cater to the needs of different age groups. She also explained the desired qualities of a teacher that can help in motivating the students in right direction. Mrs. Ashima Banga also explained the theory of Multiple Intelligence by giving the live examples. At last she quenched the queries of the teachers regarding the behavioral problems & to find out their solutions.

24 May,2017


In Contribution to general health awareness of the students, a free dental check up and awareness camp was organized by BCM SCHOOL, Sector 32-A Chd. Road. A team of specialists and para-medical staff from Sidhu Dental Hospital carried out a comprehensive dental checkup on students of Primary Wing. The camp was initiated with dental awareness talk, educating students about common dental ailments, especially stressing on tooth decay and gum diseases and measures to prevent from them. The students were highlighted about the eating patterns and food choices which cause tooth decay. The studetns got ample opportunity to intract with the doctors to enquire and gain knowledge concerning oral diseases. On completion of the dental checkup each student was given a report summary of the diagnosed problem and recommended dental treatment plan. Principal Mr. D.P. Guleria thanked the team for rendering moral and selfless services to the school.

16 May,2017

An Ounce of Inspiration is Worth a Pound of Cure

Mr. D.P.Guleria, Director LSSC & Principal of BCM SCHOOL, Sector 32, took upon himself the responsibility of instilling a dose of much needed inspiration into anxious minds & hearts of Class XII students of Science, Commerce & Other streams to help them tackle with last hurdles of school life.

Enunciating in his charismatic flair, he commenced with the reminder that in a few more months they all will be adult citizens of India having their voting rights which will increase their duties &responsibilities. He emphasized that it is much easier to find faults with Education or Government systems but we must not forget that the authorities who are making and running these systems are elected by us ‘the people’ only.

Hemotivated the students to set a clear goal after finishing the last year of their Schooling and be prepared for using their capabilities & energies wisely. They must carry along the moral and spiritual values they have learnt through Havans& prayers in school. They must maintain a high degree of discipline and cultivate exceptional communicative&intellectual skills to stay invincible in competitive exams.

Furthermore, Mr. Guleria asked the students to be regular in studies, maintain good health through right food habits, exercise keeping a positive attitude &ignoring negativity of those around us. Adequate planning, relentless efforts and gratitude can make seemingly impossible tasks; possible. He accentuated upon the need to recognize one’s individual uniqueness and choose a line of career according to one’s passion.

Showering his blessings, he gave a Mantra to the students to stay stress free.

“If a problem can be solved what is the need to worry about it, and if a problem cannot be solved what is the use of worrying about it?”

31 Mar,2017


BCM Kindergarten sec.32A, Chd. Road organised an Orientation Programme for the Parents new entrants of Nursery 31stMarch 2017 in the school auditorium. Mr D.P. Guleria, Principal BCM Sen. Sec. School welcomed and addressed the gathering. Mrs Pragati Kapoor, Headmistress BCM Kindergarten, acquainted the parents with the school rules and infrastructure. In this programme Dr. Praveen C Sobti, Professor of Pediatrics Department in Dayanand Medical Collage & Hospital, guided the parents to spend quality time with their children, ensure healthy diet for the kids and acquaint the children with bad and good touch. Dr. Renu Gupta, the School Counselor gave many useful tips to the parents on healthy parenting. She shared the importance of moral stories in nurturing good qualities in children. 

30 Mar,2017


BCM Kindergarten sec.32A, Chd. Road organised an Orientation Programme for the Parents new entrants of LKG 30th March 2017 in the Conference Hall. Mrs Pragati Kapoor, Headmistress BCM Kindergarten, acquainted the parents with the school rules and infrastructure. Dr. Renu Gupta, the School Counselor gave many useful tips to the parents on healthy parenting. She shared the importance of moral stories in nurturing good qualities in children. The parents were delighted to be a part of this enriching session. 

27 Mar,2017


The teaching and learning process revolves around the methods of teaching. To make the teachers aware about the new teaching strategies ,the School Principal, Mr. D.P.Guleria conducted a workshop on ‘Effective Teacher and New Policies of CBSE’ in School Conference Hall. 62 teachers of Middle section attended the workshop. A Power Point Presentation related to the same was also shown. The main motto of the activity was to hone the teaching tactics. It was followed by the introduction of new initiatives taken by the CBSE for the classes VI-X. The pattern of new assessments, Report Cards for session 2017-18, & service rules for teachers was explained through Power Point Presentation. The teachers were acknowledged about the new policies of School for session 2017-18. 

24 Mar,2017


An orientation programme on latest CBSE initiatives and revised guidelines was conducted by the Principal Mr. D.P. Guleria. It was an eye opener session for all the teachers as the Principal Sir made them aware of all the new amendments initiated by CBSE from the academic year 2017-18 onwards to bring the uniformity in the system of assessment and examination in all the CBSE affiliated schools. He has also thrown  a light on  how these new changes would prepare the students to cover the whole syllabus of the academic year and face the challenges of class 10th Board Examination and would thus ensure the quality of education. The workshop concluded with a PPT showing revised evaluation system, documentation of various records, revised report cards, school rules, service rules and English Summer at Thames Valley(England). Other than this few interactive activities were also there which threw a light on the essential qualities which an   effective teacher should have. Overall it was an informative and interactive session.

28 Feb,2017


Date: 28 Feb. 2017

Venue: Conference Hall

The School Principal Shri D.P.Guleria called a meeting with the teachers teaching the classes IX-X. The interaction began with a Powerpoint Presentation that depicted how important it is to have a vision and aim in life. Another Presentation discussed the essential tips for becoming an effective teacher.

Mr. Principal invited the teachers to share their experiences and difficulties with the students, the parents and the colleagues. Further he discussed his vision and aspirations about the discipline and general ambience on school campus.

The problems shared by the teachers were-

1. With Students-

The students are reluctant to work and make excuses. They are irregular in studies. Aggression, stress, disrespect and disobedience for teachers are common traits.

The teachers’ concerns were addressed by Mr. Principal very effectively as follows.

The students need to develop self-awareness. Usually they do not recognize their own potentials & capabilities. They even ignore their general outlook, dress up, hair do and personal cleanliness. They need to be given a vision of what they are and what they can be.

A sense of self-respect needs to be inculcated that will boost their confidence and will encourage them to communicate confidently.

The students are too confused to speak as they do not know what they have to do.

The teachers’ role is very important to help them have a clear vision of their future and then motivate them to set and achieve their goals. Teachers must keep a regular follow up and plan effectively to bring forth their talents.

Teachers should create peer groups to encourage mutual learning. The students with different abilities and traits in a group will give the students a glimpse of various good and bad character traits in people and will train them how to deal with positive as well as negative aspects of the world in life. The teachers should also guide the students that helping others to learn will enhance their own learning.

The class teachers should appoint monitors in the classes and give them diversified responsibilities such as-

Discipline Monitor- to maintain class room discipline & decorum

Permanent Monitor-to coordinate between the teacher & the students

Day Monitor- for black board management (thought of the day etc.)

Language Monitor- to maintain use of proper language in the class and inform about the use of foul language

These different duties can be rotated from time to time and can be used as   rewards to encourage the students.

2. With Colleagues

Though the teachers were initially hesitant to share their problems with their colleagues, gradually they opened up and the following issues were brought forth. They are reluctant to follow orders/instructions from anybody other than the authorities. They keep themselves restricted to their own duties and responsibilities and show an indifferent attitude towards the students from other classes and sections.

Mr. Principal voiced his expectations from the teachers and guided them to work as a team helping each other in correcting the students. If the teachers do not confine them only to the students they teach and keep a watchful eye on all the students, they will never dare to show disrespect or disobedience to any of the teachers.

There is a dire need of coordination among the class teachers, discipline teachers, house mentors and teachers on MOD duties toensure the proper exits of the students from the school premises. They all should work as a team instead of shifting the blame on one another. The unity among teachers would increase their strength and students/parentswon’t be able to take any undue advantage.

Teachers must ensure regularity,punctuality. More than assigned leaves i.e. 12/15 will not be sanctioned excluding any extreme cases.

Teachers should ensure a presentable dress up and turn out only then they can point out the students for the same.

Though CBSE has restored Class Tenth Board Examination w.e.f. the Academic Session 2017-18, the best practices of CCE should be continued and made permanent features of the curriculum. 

NCF (National Curriculum Framework) recommends NCERT books and adopt no bag no home work policy till class V for a stress free education. More emphasis is laid upon reading and speaking than answering the questions and cramming the answers for exams.

Good books other than NCERT can also be prescribed. Teachers were invited to give their expert opinion about the books.

3. Problems with parents

Some of them are in habit of using foul language and their wards inherit the same almost unconsciously. They do not check Students’ Diary regularly and sometimes fail to attend PTM too because of which they stay unaware of their wards’ behaviour /performance in the school. They put their children’s demands on first priority and provide them with every plausible luxury that causes a sense of arrogance and vanity among students.

Mr. Principal offered his valuable suggestions that the class teachers should ensure that both the parents attend the PTM. The problems regarding the students must be discussed with them and they should be counseled to play their respective part effectively. The feedback form should be duly filled by the student, the parent and the class teacher sincerely.

For the students of classes XI-XII who leave their homes early for tuitions, such arrangement should be done in the school that they can receive eatables during fruit or lunch break.

The meeting concluded at a very positive note. It was an enriching experience for all the teachers who once again felt invigorated with a sense of dedication, sincerity and the great responsibility on their shoulders as teachers.

03 Feb,2017


Principal, Mr D.P.Guleria conducted a seminar to empower the staff members of KG Section on 3rd Feb. 2017 in BCM Kindergarten. Through well defined PPT’s he impressed upon the teachers to value the diversity of the students in class, plan strategic lessons and use multiple assessments to evaluate progress of the students. He advised them to use their potential with full creativity, carry a positive attitude, be polite and gentle with the tiny tots & put a strict check on the strict behavior while dealing with children. He guided the teachers to focus on the communication skills and holistic development of children while involving the class in varied activities planned to enhance the knowledge and tap the creativity of the students. The teachers not only enjoyed the seminar but also felt enlightened.

28 Jan,2017


BCM School Sector 32-A organized a career counseling seminar for the parents of Class X students on 28 Jan. 2017. The objective of the seminar was to remove the career related anxieties of parents who usually keep on stressing their minds about the future prospects of their ward’s studies.

The adolescent children are sometimes not mature enough torecognize their interests and find it difficult to choose the right stream of studies without their parents’ guidance. Parents have to play a very important role as the choice of right direction at these crossroads of studies will later determine the destination of the child.

A team of resource persons Dr. Renu Gupta, Mr. Amarjeet Singh, Mr. Ravinder Singh and Ms. JyotiKhera informed the parents aboutthe various streams of studies being offered by the school and available career options in each stream.

The school Principal Sh. D.P. Guleria also addressed the assemblage of parents and elucidated the school policy for admission in Class XI. He also imparted information about the new stream of studies FMM to be introduced from the upcoming session. Displaying keen interest in the seminar, the parents got their queries satisfied and thanked the school for organizing this session for them.


10 Jan,2017


On the onset of New Year teachers of Primary Wing had a privilege to attend a workshop conducted by the Principal Mr. D.P. Guleria. The topic of the workshop was "Multiple Intelligence" Meeting the need of all students. He made the teachers aware of different type of learners and different teaching strategies to meet their needs. He laid stress on loud reading of lessons with correct pronunciation, to improve listening skills of the students. To improve reading and writing skills, substantial material should be provide, stress should be laid on the improvement of the handwriting of the students. Slow writers should be taken care of. Questions in question papers should be categorized. They should be knowledge based, application based, understanding based and creativity based. Teachers should encourage students to converse in English and act as a role model. Self discipline should be maintained in school campus. He emphasized on motivating the students to become lifelong bearness and avoid being Judgmental. In the end a thought provoking PPT was shown on, “Why do we grow little despite working hard.” Through this he inspired the teachers to have a vision in their life, not to be afraid of being judged and to spend some time on personal and spiritual growth. It was a fruitful session for the teacher.