BCM Alumini


BCM Alumini

How BCMites are excelling in their lives after passing out from the school



BCM Alumni Nikhil Sachdeva


BCM always encouraged me to pursue the greatest dreams of my life and the seeds which were sown then have bore fruits for me. The leadership and academic skills which got instilled in me during my school time has helped me alot in my professional career. I am proud of being a BCMight

By CA Nikhil Sachdeva




BCM Alumni Dr. Ridhima

School life is the most crucial period of one's life where we grow from a tiny tot to an adult! I am proud that my whole schooling from LKG till 12th was done in BCM, Chd. Rd., & my teachers have made me what I am today! I identified my hidden talents! I got all the opportunitues to grow here in my school! My school nourished my personality & I cherish my schooldays, always!
I wish that me, and all the BCM Alumni make our teachers & school proud
Highly proud to be a BCMite

By Dr Ridhima




Alumni Sudhanshu Sharma

 Hang in there students. Show up on time and do what is required and you will be successful in your work and studies, make yourself proud!

By Lawyer Sudhanshu Sharma