Minor Injury Room

Trained and efficient Medical Attendants have been appointed to look after sick students during office hours. First Aid and elementary medicines are given under their guidance and advice.Regular visits of docctors managed by HERO GROUP is scheduled to check and care general health of students.

Parents Teachers Interaction

In order to establish a good relationship between the school & parents,meetings are held on the last day of every month to discuss the progress of each child.


The school arranges Abacus classes to enhance the calculating knowledge of the students

Vedic Mathematics

It is an ancient technique, which simplifies multiplication, divisibility, Complex numbers, squaring, cubing, square and cube roots. Even recurring decimals and auxiliary fractions can also be handled by Vedic Mathematics. The school arranges coaching classes for the students to learn Vedic Mathematics.


The school arranges coaching classes for the students who appear for the National Talent Search Examination conducted by NCERT New Delhi.Every year many of our students qualify and get scholarships under the scheme.


The school arranges different olympiads. Every year many of our students qualify and get scholarships under the scheme.


The school arranges Robotics classes to enhance the technological knowledge of the students.

Special Language Enhancement Programmes



Evening Sports Academy

Special physical fitness enhancement programme. Various games being offered viz. Cricket, Basketball, Hockey, Table Tennis, Football 

Tinkering Lab

   - An opportunity for the students to work with tools and equipment to understand what, how, and why aspects of science, technology, engineering, math and robotics.

   - Will focus on leveraging technology in education.

   - Will act as an enabler for students to learn, program and experiment

   - Will embed curiosity, creativity and imagination in young minds

   - Will inculcate 21 century skills such as design mind set, computational thinking, adaptive learning, physical computing etc.

Counselling Cell

Stress and anxiety weigh heavily young minds.Being focused is at times difficult.Counselling helps young learner to overcome all hurdles and move ahead.Right guidance not only boosts their morale but enables them to evolve them to better strategies to face and Excel.The school counsellor assists the students by being a friend and a guide. Once a week the Principal meets each class listen to them and give a general lecture to develop good value system.Time to time he gives demonstrative lectures.

Spoken English

In this high-tech world and rising globalization spoken English is the need of the hour. It is the language which bridges the East and the West.Keeping this demand of future world in the mind,spoken English has been made compulsory.It is mandatory inside the school for the teachers and students to communicate in English.

Test & Examination

The students of all classes take unit tests,terminal exams & annual exam.At the end of every test & exam progress report card of the student is shown to the parents.Promotion to the next class is granted on the basis of the performance of the students through out the year.


Caliigraphy is also an art and it comforts and please the reader.It is for this reason the beautiful shapes,curves and lines of the alphabets are taught to the children the day they enter the school.


To stand in times of power cuts Three 50KVA generator sets are installed

Cameras & Fire Fighting Systems

The multi-storied building is fitted with an integrated surveillance camera system that safeguards the well- being of all students and staff. Besides keeping the campus safe and acting as a deterrent for misbehavior and bullying, the system improves our emergency preparedness and response. Every nook and corner of the campus is getting monitored – an assurance for safe learning environment, is what parents look for. The fire- fighting systems installed at crucial locations are yet another indicator of our strong commitment to safety and security.