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10 Aug,2019

Movie Show for Students

                           ‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.’

Thinking in the same direction, the students of different wings were provided a break from their monotonous day at school. Students availed the opportunity for a movie show in Mahatma Satyanand Ji Munjal Activity Hall and Mata Thakur Devi Auditorium.

Students of classes I to III were shown an award winning movie “ My home is green” which is dedicated to those children who lost their lives in the endosulfan mishap of Kasargod district, Kerala. Students were overjoyed while watching the movie. They learnt the values of hard work, discipline, helping and caring, empathy and being eco-friendly.

Students of classes IV and V watched the movie ‘The Lion King’. Students not only frolicked and laughed but also learned about right and wrong. The movie gave them a lesson to believe in themselves and to be always happy.

Students from VI to XII enjoyed the movie ‘Kesari’. The movie is about a historic event – Battle of Saragarhi. It is a rousing patriotic film which took students into the lives of the soldiers. 

Overall the day turned out to be an enjoyable experience for the studetns



Movie Show for Students